The Future of food is Growing

Cowichan Green Community Society, (CGC) is a non-profit organization that has been focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Region since 2004. For the last six years CGC’s mandate has revolved mainly around improving food security by developing strong relationships with local food producers and increasing urban and rural food production.

CGC is a community leader, creating and supporting a future where our foundation is built on health and well-being; our environment, economy and social fabric are resilient, inclusive and vibrant; we celebrate our connection to the earth and to each other; and all persons are valued equally.

CGC is also a hub for social innovation, community engagement and community building; nurturing the relationships between ourselves and our environment. CGC creates positive change through education, regenerative projects, and celebration.

CGC’s Guiding Principles are evident in all of the work that we do: we value inclusion, intention, responsibility, commitment, positive solutions, diversity, collaboration, and environmental reverence.

Our food security projects include the creation of food policy documents such as the Cowichan Food Charter and the Cowichan Food Security Plan, projects like FruitSave – a fruit gleaning project- and community gardens. We also run educational workshops, host the Seeds for Change Speaker Series, and organize Seedy Saturdays to promote the role of rural and urban agriculture in our community’s resilience and sustainability.

Project News

  • Community Urban Food Forest

    Urban Food Forest Farewell – July 2014

    Memoirs from a Food Forest The hills are alive with the sound of ‘food foresters’ celebrating the fruition of an amazing food forest project. The time has come to run through the CGC’s community food forest and sing joyfully, while picking strawberries …

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  • Sharing Our Seed Stories

    Sharing Our Seed Stories

    Sharing Our Seed Stories “Sharing Our Seed Stories” is an exciting new project of the Cowichan Green Community designed to document the historical seed saving practices of the Cowichan Region and share this knowledge with the greater community. With fu …

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  • CGC Community Urban Food Forest Update

    Urban Food Forest Update June 2014

    All hands on deck! There’s excitement in the air around the food forest as we make our last good effort installing trees, understory and art in anticipation of our June 28th opening. It’s quite a delight to connect with local nurseries, including the w …

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Upcoming Events

    • KinPark Kids Camp

      KinPark Kids Camp

      Monday, July 7, 2014 - Friday, August 29, 2014
      Join us for a fun-filled summer where you can learn how to grow, cook, and eat fresh grown food, learn about bees, recycling, and the environment, play in the park, and make friends!   The Details Who Children Ages 6-12...
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    • Storytime at Kin Park 2014

      Storytime at Kin Park 2014

      Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - Tuesday, August 19, 2014
      What do you get when you take good books, kids, soil and seeds and mix them together? Storytime at the Kin Park Urban Farm of course! While veggies and fruit trees flourish at the park so do the community partnerships....
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    • Edible Garden and Farm Tour 2014

      Edible Garden and Farm Tour 2014

      Saturday, August 16, 2014 - Sunday, August 17, 2014
      Save the date: An opportunity to either showcase your edible landscape or to peruse through some of the Cowichan Region's most delicious foodscapes, the Edible Farm & Garden Tour will be held on Saturday, August 16th and Sunday, August 17,...
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