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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What is a Legacy Gift?

A Legacy Gift is a thoughtful way to contribute to Cowichan Green Community’s mission beyond your lifetime. It involves designating a portion of your estate, assets, or investments to support our initiatives.

Why Consider a Legacy Gift?

A Legacy Gift ensures that your commitment to sustainability and community upliftment continues to make a difference for years to come. It’s an enduring way to leave a positive impact on the Cowichan Valley.

How Can I Make a Legacy Gift?

You can include Cowichan Green Community in your Will or name us as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy. See more information under Ways to Plan Your Legacy Gift.

Is a Legacy Gift Only for the Wealthy?

Not at all. Legacy Giving is about leaving a meaningful impact, regardless of the size of your estate. Every contribution, no matter how modest, plays a significant role in sustaining our work.

Can I Specify How My Legacy Gift Is Used?

Yes. You can express your preferences, whether you want to support specific programs or broader initiatives. This allows you to tailor your legacy to areas that resonate with you.

Will My Gift Be Tax Deductible?

Yes.  Cowichan Green Community Foundation is designated by Canada Revenue Agency as a registered charity. We comply with the CRA’s requirements and have been issued a charitable registration number.

How Do I Get Started? Consulting with legal and financial
advisors is recommended. They can guide you through the legal process
and tax matters to ensure your intentions are achieved.

Can I Change My Plans in the Future?

Absolutely. Life circumstances evolve, and you can modify your Legacy Gift at any time. Keeping your Will up-to-date is recommended to reflect your wishes accurately.

How Can I Learn More?

Feel free to contact us at [info@cowichangreencommunity.org/ 1(250)748-8506 ]. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you navigate the process of leaving a Legacy Gift that positively impacts the Cowichan Valley

Thank you for considering Cowichan Green Community in your Legacy planning. Your commitment will continue to inspire and uplift our community for generations to come.

This information is not intended to constitute or replace specific professional advice. Donors considering a legacy gift should speak to an advisor with appropriate tax, legal and other expertise to implement a strategy that achieves their objectives.