Amellium hand dye-printed textiles for the kitchen. Colourfast and preshrunk tea towels, table accents, and napkins … all done in original Amellium designs.

Bee Houses by Eugene Fleck are beautifully crafted and come with a tremendous amount of printed information and the direct support of Eugene… Mason Bees are his passion and he loves helping anyone interested in raising them. Simple, easy and fun to do plus they make a big difference to our environment.

Blue Collar Upcycling specializes in transforming shirts into Aprons!  Beautifully made, responsibly thought out, a delight to wear.

Crack Pot Florals offers a stunning selection of garden and flower related decorative products as well as some truly innovative UPcycled products.

Elizabeth Evans makes the best Market Bags, with waterproof pockets, key holder, note and pen pockets in beautiful and durable fabrics.

Eliza Hemingway Fibre Art offers a wonderful array of unique hand knit computer therapy balls… original designs, beautifully made, and useful !! Eliza is also a well known painter and author.

Gardener’s Healing Balm. Give your skin the healing gifts of locally and lovingly grown botanicals! Truly this is an incredible balm and a must sample for it’s healing properties and delightful scent. Cold process infusion used to maintain the healing qualities of each plant.

Hedgewych Wylds has an impressive array of Traditional WestCoast Healing Products, all handmade. Sheila is well known on the Island and has been helping people for many years.

l’atelier ORION is all about craftsmanship. Jamie’s Reclaimed Wood trivets, cutting boards, coaster sets, candle holders…. and so much more are truly one of a kind works of art!

Quick Corners are a incredibly fast way to create beautiful, sturdy and long lasting raised garden beds, deck and patio planters.  Comes as a set of 4 corners and screws

Rawkolates are Handmade Raw, Vegan, Fair Trade, Organic Dark Cacao Bars & Squares in a delightful selection of flavours.

Rockin’ Nana. One of a kind whimsical “rock” pictures. Sailing, golf, hockey, rowing, beach scene, birds… and others all created with found rocks and/or beach glass to create beautiful artwork that is just plain fun!

Rockin’ Risotto with 3 incredibly easy to use Risotto mixes: Rippin’, Cuco Mango, and Rosie. The packaging is ingenious and makes for a lovely gift.

Rod Norton’s hand carved maple spoons last for years and make much appreciated gifts. Perfect for the chef who has it all… almost

Sharon Tillie Art Photography Cards. All of the images on Sharon’s Greeting Cards are of Vancouver Island and they are truly beautiful, fun and some even a bit cheeky! The perfect compliment to any gift and great as a gift themselves.

Triple Smoke Spice Blends in 6 delicious combinations.  Great for rubs, dips, soups, sauces and dressings….

Zed Squared Kimchi so healthy, good for you and delicious too! In three great flavour combinations: Vegan, Straight Up and Smoked. All Live, Raw & Unpasteurized.

Three of our Vendors- Rockin’ Risotto, Triple Smoke Spices and Zed Squared Kimchi make their products in the Cowichan Green Community’s (CGC) own Commercial Kitchen located in the building… talk about fresh!

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    Incubator Seed Farm

    Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm   The Cowichan Valley will soon be home to the first of its kind Seed Incubator Farm. Based on the successful ‘Incubator Farm’ model that has been implemented in numerous places to train new farmers, the Cowichan Incub …

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    • Waterwise Gardening

      Saturday, May 27, 2017
      Date: Saturday, May 27 Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 am Cost: $20, $15 for CGC members - pre-registration is required. Where: 360 Duncan Street, Duncan. Cowichan Green Community Meeting Room Join David Pink of Warmland Irrigation and Nora Arajs of...
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