Mandala Madness

The gardens at KinPark Youth Urban Farm are coming out of winter dormancy! We are excited to get our hands dirty once again at our urban farm, community gardens and demonstration site on Alderlea Street in downtown Duncan. Kinsmen Park is not only a hub for our successful kids’ summer camp, workshops, youth outreach and skills-building programs; it is also a popular community garden. Many Duncan locals grow veggies, herbs and flowers in their rented garden beds at KinPark, allowing them to work the soil and reap the rewards without the cost of a big backyard.

This spring, CGC will be rebuilding the Mandala garden in the Northwest quadrant, a large section of the community IMG_7005-mingardens that has unfortunately deteriorated over the years. With the help of engaged community members and our Youth Outreach team, we are working to improve the usability of this space and make the park even more beautiful and productive than ever! This entails digging up the old Mandala gardens, leveling the ground, and building up to ten new raised beds to give those on our waiting list a space to grow food. This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved to delve into the process of garden design and landscape construction. We plan to incorporate trellises and other vertical elements to maximize growing space, and create a lush, dynamic public space for all to enjoy.

The Mandala garden rebuild will take place mid-May. In early June, there will be a grand opening event in Kinsmen Park, and everyone’s invited! Right now, we are looking for donations of building materials – specifically cedar wood, screws, rebar, and stone - as well as helping hands to create a more useable and accessible growing space for members of our community.

There is always something growing at KinPark. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, or you would like more information about the Mandala project, the urban farm, workshops, or the community gardens, please contact Laura, our Farm Intern, at


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