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Here's What Our Heroes Have To Say

The Green Legacy Pioneer

In the heart of the Cowichan Valley, I found my purpose – to protect and nurture the environment we call home. Every tree, every stream, every community garden held a piece of my heart. As time went on, I realized that my love for this land could live on beyond my years.

Leaving a Legacy Gift to Cowichan Green Community in my will was a natural choice. It’s my way of ensuring that the work I started doesn’t end with me. Through this Gift, my commitment to sustainability will remain strong, supporting projects and initiatives that echo the values I hold dear. My story is now woven into the fabric of this valley, and I’m thrilled to imagine a greener, more vibrant future for generations to come.


 A Family’s Commitment to Community

Our family has deep roots in the Cowichan Valley, and our connection to this community has only grown stronger over the years. As we thought about our Legacy, we knew we wanted to leave something lasting – something that reflects our love for this place and our dedication to its well-being.

Leaving a Legacy Gift to Cowichan Green Community was an easy decision. It’s a way for us to carry forward the values our parents instilled in us, to nurture the environment that has nurtured us. Our hope is that our children and their children will continue this Legacy, finding inspiration in the projects our Gift supports.


Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

Nature has always been my solace, my source of inspiration. I’ve spent a lifetime tending to gardens and nurturing life. When I discovered Cowichan Green Community mission, I knew I had found a way to make my love for the earth everlasting.

Leaving a Legacy Gift was my chance to continue nurturing, even beyond my time here. By supporting educational programs for young gardeners, I’m cultivating not just plants, but a mindset of sustainability. My Legacy will be in the hands of those who will carry the torch forward.


Fostering Connection and Wellness

The Cowichan Valley has given our family so much – a sense of belonging, cherished friendships, and a strong community spirit. As we planned for our future, we wanted to give back in a way that echoed our gratitude.

Leaving a Legacy Gift to Cowichan Green Community felt like a natural extension of who we are. It’s a continuation of the connections we’ve fostered and the wellness we’ve experienced here. Through our gift, we hope to nurture the bonds that make this place truly special.


 A Lasting Impact

Leaving a Legacy isn’t just about what we do in our lifetime; it’s about the ripples that carry on long after we’re gone. My commitment to sustainable living and learning led me to Cowichan Green Community.

Through a carefully planned Legacy Gift, I’m ensuring that my values endure. I want to empower future generations to embrace Eco-friendly practices and build a more sustainable future. My Legacy is about making a difference that transcends time.


At Cowichan Green Community, we respect the privacy of our generous donors. Many choose to remain anonymous, and we honor their wishes by using initials only. These initials represent individuals who believe in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable world. We’re grateful for their support and dedication to our cause.