Night Song Farm

     Linda Mimeault has been captivated by the plant world since she moved from the big city of Montreal to Vancouver Island almost three decades ago. Her passion for flowers began with ethnobotany, a study of how indigenous communities around the world use plants for housing, food and medicine.Night Song Farm tulips
       She started a veggie garden and taught gardening classes to elementary students for several years. Linda then became administrator of the organization that certifies organic farms on the island. Finally she decided five years ago to move towards pursuing farming on a full-time basis and started Night Song Farm.
Night Song Farm Bucket of Beauty
             With five years commercial experience growing flowers, she also has fifteen years experience of growing for personal use. Though there are not organic standards for growing flowers she uses the most organic way possible starting with organic potting soil, GMO-free compost manure, fertilizes with organic alfalfa & kelp and by removing pests by hand or with water. This makes the vitality of the plants stronger and harvested flowers can withstand the long shipping distances.
Night Song Farm Lost in the Jungle
     Linda chooses flowers for two reasons. First, because she is a flower fanatic; and second, because there are so many fantastic vegetable growers in the valley but very little in terms of sustainable flowers. She grows over 200 varieties of flowers over the course of the season. She has found that working with flowers has taught her to let go and let Nature speak. That way she gets more natural and more beautiful arrangements that she would not have otherwise. “Let the flowers express themselves.”
Night Song Farm bouquet 2
     While she now mostly caters to weddings she occasionally provides for The Community Farm Store and Alderlea Farms and Cafe. Her business has taught her to be flexible, while building strong organization and customer service skills. Linda loves working with couples to create florals that fit their visions with bouquets combined so beautifully  they can make you gasp!

Linda Mimeault
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