Preserving Our Wisdom: Combining the lost art of food preservation with food reclamation

Optimized-DSC_0752Did you know it is illegal for grocery stores in France to throw out edible food? If caught doing so, fines are high and could even land you a 2-year prison term. Why would they be so strict about this you ask? The Life of a Strawberry is a great example of the food waste footprint produced when we throw away food. How can we make a shift in our own society, similar to France, to become part of the solution?

Preserving Our Wisdom is a play on words encompassing the lost art of food preservation, produce reclamation and the great knowledge of our communities’ elders.

Funded by New Horizons for Seniors, a grant from Employment and Social Development Canada, Cowichan Green Community (CGC) is hosting 20 FREE food preservation workshops and 8 FREE community meal workshops from now until February 2017. This project aims to teach or feature a variety of preservation techniques in workshop format from pickling, dehydration, and freezing to water-bath and pressure-canning. All workshops and community meal preparations include elder mentors who are present to share their wisdom and their skills with younger generations. The grant is to help bridge the gap of isolation and food insecurity amongst seniors by encouraging them to share past experiences in food preservation. Produce for the workshops are being collected through CGC’s FruitSave gleaning program as well as in-kind donations from grocery stores, markets and farmers.

Join us this fall for one of our workshops where you will make new community connections and learn new food preservations skills! Please call Jennifer at (250)748-8506 or email to reserve your spot today!



DATE TIMES Preservation Workshops
03-Dec-16 1pm-4pm  Hot Fill Canning: Antipasto
13-Dec-16 4pm-6:30pm Pressure Canning: Salmon
07-Jan-17 1pm-4pm Preserving Nutmylk and recycling nut grains
14-Jan-17 1pm-4pm Vaccume Packing: Smoked Jerky
04-Feb-17 1pm-4pm Culturing Foods: Kombucha, Keifer, Yogurt


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