Dear Cow-op Customers –

We are writing to you during these uncertain times to connect with you to help with the
movement of food through our local community. is an online farmers’
market, which at this time we feel can contribute greatly to food security by working as a
marketing and distribution solution for the local food producer.

How it currently works:
Customers place orders from Friday at noon until Tuesday at midnight, and on
Wednesday orders are harvested/made/collected and are dropped off by the food
producers at Hope Farm. Next the food is sorted and then goes to the three pick-up
points – Cowichan Bay (Wednesday night), Duncan at the Cowichan Green Community
(Thursday), and in Victoria at the Zero Waste Emporium (Thursday).

For those in self-isolation and who are social distancing, access to food is no longer as
easy as it was. For this reason, we are moving ahead to more home delivery options,
using a sliding scale fee based on the ability of customers. We have teamed up with the
Cowichan Recyclists to deliver food through Duncan and now through Cowichan Bay
(bike, e-bike, biodiesel powered), and we will have drivers to reach our other local
communities for those who are in quarantine. We will also be setting up new pick-up
hubs based on need, and will continue having pick-ups at the current locations. The
additional delivery options will be in place for next week’s shopping period.

Please, refer a friend or pick-up for a friend, and look for the new delivery options. We
will also be looking for volunteers to help in the coming weeks as we anticipate a
change in volume moving through the Cow-op. Specifically we will be looking for
volunteer delivery drivers if our capacity is exceeded. Please email Derrick Pawlowski if you are interested.

Our goal is to connect you with your farmers and food processors to support the food
security of our community, especially during this challenging time.

The Board of Directors