Wanted: Canning Jars!

With the early start to the hot summer weather, many gardens and fruit trees are bursting at the seams with fresh local produce. Many are now trying to keep up and preserve this abundance into the cooler months.

Jars July 2015

At CGC, it’s no different. Canning has officially kicked into full gear and we need more jars! If you or someone you know has boxes of them stashed away, let us take them off your hands in the Garden Pantry Thrift Store. We promise they will go as fast as we get them whether we use them in our own community kitchen or sell them in the store for others to use. At $0.50 each or $5.00 a dozen, we try to make preserving local food a little easier and more accessible for everyone.

If you’d like to help preserve some of this goodness with us, while taking a couple of jars home yourself, please contact Rosalie at volunteer@cowichangreencommunity.com or call the office at 250-748-8506.

If you don’t have time to can it yourself, let us or others in the community do it instead!

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