June 22, 2015

Cowichan Lake Community Garden – Sense of Place

Cowichan Lake Community Garden – Creating a Sense of Place The Lake Cowichan Garden Committee has really created a wonderful sense of place in the garden. There […]
June 22, 2015

Cowichan Agriculture Training Program: Swinging into the Summer

Cowichan Agriculture Training Program ~ Swinging into the Summer The Cowichan Agriculture Training program is now in full summer swing in the valley! June has seen […]
June 22, 2015

KinPark Kid’s Camp Newsletter July 2015

KinPark Kid’s Camp: Making a difference one bean at a time! As of July 6th, KinPark Kid’s Camp will be open for a second summer of […]
June 22, 2015

Cow-op.ca – July 2015

The Cow-op.ca online marketplace opens it’s doors to the region this month. The internet meets Farmers’ Market for convenient year-round shopping of Cowichan-grown foods! The Cow-op.ca […]
June 22, 2015

Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Cowichan Food Map – July 2015

This year’s Cowichan food maps are back from the printers and flying off the shelves. This year’s Cowichan food maps are flying off the shelves into […]
June 19, 2015

KinPark Newsletter July 2015

A KinPark Update Family Drop-In Summer is here and the fruits of our labours are already showing in the gardens and with the ever-growing CGC family! […]
May 26, 2015

Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Cowichan Food Map: June 2015 Newsletter

Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Cowichan Food Map: Off to the Printers The Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Cowichan Food Map (BLBF) has been sent to the printers and will […]
May 26, 2015

Cowichan Agriculture Training Program: June 2015

One Month In The new Cowichan Agriculture Training Program continues to grow and flourish with current interns now thoroughly oriented and ready to begin their farm […]
May 26, 2015

FruitSave: 2015 Newsletter

Let the Gleaning Begin! We are gearing up for the 2015 harvest season. Co-ordinator Pamela Williams is returning this season and is joined by Gayleen McMullen. We […]