Upcoming Ceres Edible Landscaping Workshop

Ceres Edible Landscaping | Cyle Serra

Here we sit in the dog days of winter, dreaming of longer days and warmer nights. There is not much to do in the garden except to create your planting plan. We at Ceres Edible Landscaping want you to consider integrating some perennial vegetables into your garden design this spring. Most people are familiar with and may even grow a few well known perennial vegetables, think artichoke and asparagus. But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these popular permaculture plants. Many perennial vegetables are the first to emerge in spring, since they are already in the ground and Fenneljump at the first sign of spring.  The benefits extend to the ground as you do not have to disturb the soil and can let the micro-organisms thrive. Most crops only have to be planted once and will provide you with years of harvest.
Ceres Edible Landscaping will be presenting a workshop on these edible perennials on *Saturday, March 19th at Duncan Seedy Sunday. We will be covering native and exotic perennial vegetables suited to our climate zone. We are also compiling a list of resources to help you track down some of these unique specimens as they are a little trickier to find.
In the meantime, check out these awesome books on the subject to get your imagination going:

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