Foraging a Gardener

Ceres Edible Landscaping | Cyle Serra


“Everything seems possible!” These very powerful words are how Andrea Kross feels when she is hanging out with her edible garden consultant - me. Andrea describes herself as always being a wannabe gardener. Dreaming of that summOptimized-image1 (4)er where she can be braggadocios at the office, showing off her own grown salad filled with food that she grew. She was, however, constantly feeling overwhelmed by the physical and tactical requirements of getting her dream garden off the ground. One day she stumbled upon Ceres Edible Landscaping, a Duncan-based social enterprise of Cowichan Green Community that specializes in helping people grow their own fruits, vegetable and herbs.

Year by year little by little the expert back yard earthscapers helped by building soil fertility and installing small garden beds, perennial shrubs and trees. Finally, at the beginning of this summer, she was ready to plant her dream vegetable garden. Just like magic, ALAKAZAM! A bumper crop of tomatoes, peas, kale, spinach, carrots and beans. Thrilled by her new found green thumb, the self-described, wannabe gardener has become the latest zero mile diet diva.

She says that the advantage of hiring Ceres as veggie consultants is that we “come in and do in a day what I was trying to do for a year or two.”  We’ve also helped her break some mental blocks by turning what she thought of as a “wasteland full of weeds”, in to an “incredible veggie patch”. Andrea is now planning her next installation which she hopes will have an edible floral labyrinth with seating areas and maybe even a water feature. Success of the garden kind!