Food Recovery Project – January to October 2018

The Cowichan Green Community has received funding from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation to initiate a food recovery project.

With the assistance of 4 participants, this project will establish a food recovery system to reclaim unwanted and destined for the landfill food and distribute it to a series of emergency food providers.

Through the development of a strong community network of food producers, social media and innovation, this project aims to broadcast the availability and location of edible food so that it may be shared with those in need within the local community.

This project will also create a series of value added products as a stepping stone to creating a self-sustaining social enterprise.

For more information, or if you are interested in helping provide equipment, resources or your time, please contact Nathan the project supervisor at or contact us directly at the Cowichan Green Community at 250 748 8506

Thank You!