Registration for fruit tree owners

  • Please list the type of fruit you have, the variety if known (Bosc, Bing, Gravenstein) and how many plants:
  • Is there anything tricky we should know about regarding access or your yard (safety, dogs, fragile plants)?
  • Do you have any questions or comments you would like to make us aware of?
  • Fruitsave Home Owner Indemnity & Release of Liability

  • I RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE that there are inherent risks and hazards involved in having volunteers harvest fruit on my property. I understand that volunteers do their best to avoid harming trees, buildings, or equipment, but I agree to assume all such risks and hazards and bear all costs of damage to trees and/or property that may result from this activity. I understand that this is a volunteer, community goodwill project and HEARBY REMISE, RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Cowichan Green Community Society (CGC), its employees and advisory committee, of and from all manner of actions, causes of actions, claims and demands whatsoever in nature which I may have in respect to any injury or damage to property during my participation with the FruitSave fruit gleaning project.
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