Cowichan Agriculture Training Program ~ Swinging into the Summer

CAT interns with Niki Strutynski at Tatlo Road FarmThe Cowichan Agriculture Training program is now in full summer swing in the valley! June has seen the interns really engage in the learning and hands on experience offered through the program. The heat has been challenging, and the work hard, but the interns have demonstrated the steely stick-with-it-ness indicative of a successful team and initiative.

On June 15th participants began the Organic Master Gardeners learning program facilitated by Gaia College. This component of the program will be the most formal and substantial of the initiative, and we are confident it will provide the interns with a solid foundation of organic growing principles and practices. Interns have also been active in their local farm placements for a month now, and are appreciating the knowledge and mentorship of the farmers. They are learning first hand the need to be responsive to changeable conditions such as heat and drought. This experience will make the rainwater management training later in July that much more tangible.

Farms who have partnered with us for this pilot program are The Happy Goat, Tatlo Road Farm, Birds Eye Cove Farm, Dragon Fly Farm, and Mossy Banks Farm.  We are so very appreciative of their openness and flexibility as we navigate this new endeavour. If this program is a success we certainly hope to offer this collaborative opportunity to other farms in the region in the future. We know you’re interested, and we are eager to develop a diverse network of farms so that the learning opportunities for interns are as rich and full spectrum as possible.

Due to recent changes, we are accepting additional applicants for this project. Please contact Stephanie Cottell for details at 250-748-8506 or In the meantime, we will continue to nurture this fledgling program, and envision the Cowichan Agriculture Training program growing into it’s full potential.

Happy July, everyone! ~ Steph Cottell

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