Cowichan Lake Community Garden – Free Gardening Workshops

hugelworkshop2The Cowichan Green Community is offering more free gardening workshops at the Cowichan Lake Community Garden this summer with funding from Island Health.

The first workshop was on Water Conservation Gardening and we had an enthusiastic group of garden members and volunteers who soaked up new knowledge on how to conserve water in the garden.  Participants also shared their own knowledge with the group and several people said that they are keen to pass on the techniques learned to other garden members and visitors.


Bottom of hugelkultur bed

The garden is truly becoming a fun place to learn about gardening with several demonstrations of ecologically sound gardening practices such as the food forest, hugelkultur bed, a unique composting system and a soil improvement demonstration area.

In the Water Conservation Gardening workshop we built the hugelkultur bed, which is a wonderful water conservation technique where one builds a mound out of layers of logs and organic materials.  Soil is then added to the top and vegetables or shrubs planted on the top and sides.  The buried logs hold an unbelievable amount of water and some people say that they barely need to water the ‘hugel bed’ even during a drought!

hugelworkshopThe second workshop, Therapeutic Gardening for Everyone will be Saturday, August 1st, 9am-11am.  Christine Pollard who has over 25 years of experience in horticultural therapy will lead the group in some light gardening activities.  Participants will learn how therapeutic gardening can specifically improve our emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual selves.

The third workshop, Edible Garden Identification Tour, will be Saturday, August 15th, 9am-11am.  We will tour the plants in the garden while we practice getting an eye for identifying botanical features that will improve our knowledge about the plants and ecosystem.  We will learn how to look at the leaf shapes, seed heads, flowers and growth habits of the plants which help with species identification.

The fourth workshop is especially for health care practitioners, social workers and community service providers who are looking for ways to integrate the therapeutic values of gardening into their programs.  The Lake Cowichan Community Services staff have already signed up and there are still a few spaces, please contact Erin to register.  It will be held September 9th, 8:30am-10:30am.

For More Information Contact: Erin Ward, Email:  Phone: 250-748-8506.


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