Community Food Atlas

The Community Food Atlas is a joint initiative of Island Health, the Public Health Association of BC and the University of Victoria. In addition to being an interactive, visual platform for community food security programs, it is a “live” directory that can be updated by participating organizations at any time. The Atlas provides current information about programs and services available to the public such as:

Why Use the Community Food Atlas?

Networking and Marketing

The Community Food Atlas can act as a valuable networking tool for food security organizations to get to know others working in their field, within their own communities, and throughout the health region. The atlas is also an excellent platform to provide current information about programs and services to other organizations and the community at large.

Client and Patient Referrals

Dietitians, nutritionists, and other professionals working in the field of food security can use the Community Food Atlas as a referral tool to direct their clients to specific, food-related resources and programs in their communities.


The Community Food Atlas is an excellent research tool for community organizations, universities, governments, and other institutions to find up to date information on organizations and programs available for food security in the health region.


Teachers and others in the field of education can use this tool as a resource for both themselves and for their students to learn about food resources in their neighborhoods.