That’s a Wrap for 2015

2015-09-07 12.47.52Wow, what an amazing season! Many new volunteers registered to pick with FruitSave and many more people registered to have their trees picked.

The bounty of fruit harvested in the Cowichan region was outstanding. From Mill Bay to Ladysmith, volunteers harvested 11,200 pounds of apples, pears, plums, quince and grapes. This is nearly double the amount of fruit that was gleaned last year. An additional 2,720 pounds were salvaged for pigs, sheep, cows and chickens.

FruitSave aims to share one third of the harvest with community organizations in the region such as Warmland House, Meals on the Ground, Cowichan Independent Living, and regional food banks. Through the generosity of our fruit tree owners, over half the harvest was donated, or an incredible 6,048 pounds.

The increased demand for FruitSave services caught our dedicated team of volunteers off-guard. As such, during the height of the harvest season, we were not able to respond to all the requests for volunteers to harvest fruit. In the off- season, we will be looking into ways to keep up with the increasing demand. If you are a creative, resourceful person with a passion for getting fruit to people who need it and hate to see food go to waste, please consider joining the coordination team. For more details email:

Pamela Williams, FruitSave Co-ordinator

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