Spring is Here!

Spring is an exciting time for any gardener and farmer and it’s always fun to check-out what will spring up in the Garden Pantry Thrift Store. We have lots of different seeds to try as part of our seed exchange as well as a wide variety from Salt Spring Seeds at $3.50 a package. For every seed purchase we’re also giving a free seed bomb while supplies last!

If you’re trying your hand at growing for the first time, or have some questions about a certain plant, garden planning, amending soil, etc, our resource library is full of some amazing books and videos. Free to use if you’re a CGC member or borrow a book by donating an item for the store. We are always happy to see new faces and hear about what you’re planting. Come on in and chat with our friendly and helpful store team!

Interested in volunteering in our store? Contact Rosalie at

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