Happy New Year from the Garden Pantry Thrift Store


2014 went by in a flash, and now the Garden Pantry Thrift Store welcomes the New Year 2015! Last year was full of incredible donations from many of our community members. From canning jars to gardening tools, the community greatly expressed their support of Cowichan Green Community by donating countless treasures to the Garden Pantry Thrift Store. This year, 2015, the store will greatly appreciate the many gifts our community has to offer whether it is in donated items or dedicated volunteer work.



This year our team of store volunteers will continue to grow. A continuation of great volunteer opportunities in the store will be available for all people to learn new skills, apply their knowledge, and express their creativity. The Garden Pantry Thrift Store welcomes anyone to our team of volunteers to share their fresh ideas and new perspectives.  To find out more, contact Rosalie @ 250-748-8506 or volunteer@cowichangreencommunity.org.

As the New Year unfolds, be sure to come by the Garden Pantry Thrift Store for new treasures and gems!


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