It’s Time to Grow One Thing!

With our busy lives and modern day conveniences, it’s easy to see why everyone isn’t growing their own food. But anyone who has, will tell you there is nothing more delicious then fresh berries, fruit, vegetables, or herbs that you’ve grown yourself. And you won’t pay less anywhere else!GOT-sign

There has never been more of an urgent need to get everyone growing local food. With the droughts in California and increasing costs of transportation, food in the grocery stores will only get more expensive. The great news is we can all be growing our own delicious, healthy, local food right here, right now. Plus, we’re here to help AND make it easy!

This spring, start simple and Grow One Thing! Starting in May, anyone can come into the Garden Pantry Thrift Store to plant your very own kale, lettuce or bush bean plant, by donation. We’ll provide the soil, pot, seed and water to get you started, along with simple instructions you can take home to care for your new edible plant. As it grows, you can share your photos, comments, questions and knowledge on the Grow One Thing Facebook group or on the CGC Instagram page using #GrowOneThing.

You don’t need acres of land or even a yard, just a pot will do. By starting small, you’ll see that growing local food is more nutritious, delicious and has a much smaller carbon footprint. So spread the word and come in to the Garden Pantry Thrift Store to Grow One Thing today!

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