Garden Pantry Thrift Store – Garden Pantry Treasures

As the days get shorter and we can our last tomato, clean up our gardens and finish our winter planting, we’d like to thank everyone for visiting the Garden Pantry Thrift Store. We’ve had generous donations of canning jars, garden tools and cook books throughout the last couple of months, and they’ve found new homes as quickly as they were received. That’s the great thing about our store!

Garden Pantry Thrift Store

We reduce the purchase of new items by reusing and recycling perfectly fine tools and equipment that help to increase food security in our communities. It’s also the conversations that take place with new friends that are the most meaningful. Sharing stories of saving seed, canning and dehydrating best practices and tricks for keeping pests out of the garden all happen here.

Be sure to pop in this fall with your garden, food preservation or kitchen donations, check out some of the newly donated seeds from Glenora Farm, sign up for a workshop or just come and say hello! You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet!

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