Inspired by Canning Jars

Garden Pantry Thrift StoreIn the Garden Pantry Thrift Store, the most donated and quickest item to fly off the shelves every fall is our selection of canning jars.

This year has been no exception, thanks to all who have been donating their extras and especially to Providence Farm for their huge storage stash!

While canning and making jam and apple sauce is a great way to preserve the summer and fall harvest, there are many other ways to reuse these useful Gems. 😉

One of our favourite sites to share in the office is and they have a great article with 30 Food In A Jar Ideas For Any Occasion. You’ll find many different uses from lunchtime salads to lasagna, soups and Sheppard’s pie! With corn coming into season, we thought it might be nice to share a Shepherd’s Pie in a Jar recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic. Enjoy!

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