Providing opportunities to increase knowledge and skills-building in our community is critically important in changing how we participate in our food system. CGC runs a wide variety of educational programs through the year ranging from Wild Food Walks with local experts to workshops on canning and preserving, and fruit tree care and pruning. We believe education is a proactive way to engage with the community about where our food comes from and how each person can become involved in our community’s food security and health.

Here are just a couple of the programs we offer:

Organic Master Gardener Course

With the growing interest in organic horticulture CGC partnered with Gaia College to host this 8-week intensive gardening course in Duncan twice in 2013. Students learned to create fabulous food and ornamental gardens without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Some have called this course “life changing” – because once we truly understand the connection between soil health, plant health, human health and environmental health we look at the world with different eyes. It is an intense program, challenging and inspiring, consisting of lectures and hands-on exercises. Class discussions generally reflect the interests of a more mixed audience including home gardeners, budding farmers and landscape professionals.

Introduction to Permaculture

The term “permaculture” is being used more widely by gardeners and land restoration specialists, and with it a growing interest in applying the principles of permaculture in our work with landscapes. CGC saw the need in the community to provide an accessible immersion into the concepts behind permaculture and in this case using the student’s own property as the example to work from. Instructor Javan K. Bernakevitch of Permaculture BC provided an engaging 2 day hands-on workshop introducing students to the design methodologies of permaculture through reviewing, analyzing, mapping, and planning of their own property design.