KinPark Kid’s Camp Registration is Sprouting!

Registration is starting up again for our KinPark Kid’s Camp! We are thrilled to offer this great experience to parents, caregivers and, of course, children for a second time. This experience gives children a chance to learn about gardening and growing local food at our KinPark Youth Urban Farm on Alderlea Street in Duncan. Camp is also full of games, sports, recycled crafts, and children’s yoga!

With a focus on farming fuPhoto 2014-07-14, 10 08 55 AMn, our activities will include growing, harvesting, and even cooking local yummy food. There are plenty of benefits for children when it comes to gardening and especially growing food, such as physical exercise, supporting cognitive development, and the overall connection to nature. Pulling carrots and onions out of the ground not only connects them with the dirt and soil, but also teaches them where their food comes from and what it takes to grow it. Growing also teaches patience, and gives a sense of importance and responsibility to nurture veggies, flowers, berries, and fruit. Last year children were thrilled to pull out “funny looking” carrots, and questing for the biggest patty pan squash they could find. Not to mention the pure joy of eating it!

Gardening is a focus, but there are plenty of other opportunities at our camp for your child(ren) to enjoy. Not everyone has to like getting their hands dirty! Our camp is inclusive to everyone. To register, click here for a Registration Package you can print at home, or come to our storefront, The Garden Pantry Thrift Store, located at 360 Duncan Street.

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