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Spring has sprung and it’s been a beautiful month to be outside with the birds singing and the sun shining at KinPark. Nearly a month earlier than usual, the first precious shoots are bursting forth with new life. Things are really ramping up at the farm and there is so much to do preparing the beds for this year’s plants. We have been working hard to turn under the rye cover crops, pruning, mulching, installing raspberry trellis, and loading beautiful fluffy soil from Hillside Stone and Garden, onto our new and existing garden beds.

In early February we direct seeded spinach, arugula, mesclun mix, radish, and turnip into the soil! In the greenhouse we’ve seeded leeks, parsley, and a number of flowers including viola, snapdragon, verbena, cosmos, and echinacea. Through our partnership with the VIU WEST (Workplace Employability Skills Training Program), we will be selling many of these flowers at our plant sale in May.

Come on down and get grubby with us on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm. We’d love it if you stopped by and got involved! Did you know science has proven that there is a chemical reaction that is set off in the brain by digging in the dirt to induce happiness!

Family Drop-In Centre


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The KinFarm Family Drop-In Centre is springing to life as well as we enjoy the temperate days and more people playing in the park. Kids have decorated the fruit trees with pine cone bird feeders. Successful workshops last month led by our Youth Outreach team included cedar roses and jewelry for Valentine’s Day. The Multicultural Leadership Group joined us in our kitchen to make apple chips, applesauce, and granola bars for 50 blessing bags, which they gave out to people in need in the community. We held an anti-bullying rally on Pink Shirt Day inviting the 1,000 students of Cow High over to paint the park pink!

The Family Cooking Class is growing quite a loyal following and we are trying out some more adventurous recipes as we incorporate locally produced food in delicious ways. In February we made spaghetti bolognese, French onion soup, granola, spicy black bean burgers, and garlic oven fries! To find out more or to register for a class, join our Facebook group “Cowichan Family Cooking!” These classes are free, for kids 5+. Bring your family and a container!

Looking ahead for March, we are planning some special fun for Spring Break and St. Patrick’s and will be hatching chickens in time for Easter. Check our website for our updated schedule!

2March 2015

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