Summer Wrap-Up


Heather hauling tomatoes back from the park. Photo credit: Carl Erland.


The busyness of summer camp and garden productivity has been replaced by the back-to-school bustle as the older high school kids return to the park to hang out between classes. The gardens are looking less lush as the plant leaves dry up and turn a rich golden hue colour due to cooler nights and shorter days.

Most of the tomatoes have been harvested but there are still many green ones hiding amongst the foliage waiting to be turned into mincemeat, green tomato relish and salsa.

The gardens are nearly all harvested and replanted with cover crops, winter kale and soon, our next year’s garlic crop. Our Cowichan Agricultural Training (CAT) program interns Shannon and Brandon and past VIU student Darian, have been hard at work all summer in the gardens and kitchen helping us stay on top of our weeds, crops and processing. Thank you!





CAT interns Shannon and Brandon hard at work.


CAT Brandon dicing tomatoes


The bounty of squashes, zucchinis, onions, garlic, tomatoes, beets, pickling cucs, parsley and cilantro have mostly been transformed into sauces and soups for the freezer, and salsas and. Check out our beautiful preserves in the Garden Pantry Thrift Shop.


Dill Pickles for Sale!


Zucchini Relish for Sale!











Some of our frozen harvest will be used later in the year for our new slate of KinFarm youth and family drop-in programming, with our returning VIU WEST program students, and for various CGC events and meetings.


YO team members Linda, Justine, David, and Sarah working hard in the CGC kitchen with CAT interns Shannon and Brandon.


A second crew of youth from Community Options Society (COS) came at the end of August to help us harvest and clean up the greenhouse, turn and mulch our garden beds and harvest tomatoes. Much gratitude for all their help.
Our fall drop-in programming will be finalized in the coming weeks. We plan to offer more family cooking classes as well as a variety of garden-inspired activities for youth throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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