Let’s Chop It Up!

SkillsLink: Let’s Chop It Up! | Ali Stark

August brought Term 3 of Let’s Chop It Up, one of CGC’s SkillsLink programs.  This program supports skill development in the area of food preparation and security via an approach that focuses on capacity building, education, and empowerment.   We had a huge number of applicants for the term and had to make the tough decision to choose 4 participants.  It has been an amazing and busy few weeks as we have been visiting community organizations such as Raincoast Aquaponics and OUR Ecovillage, learning about different approaches to local, sustainable food, and community.  For most of our participants this is the first exposure to grassroots food movements. It has been exciting to watch each person’s awareness develop and grow with the understanding that they will take their new knowledge back to their communities.Optimized-DSC_0708

Thanks to KinPark and our FruitSave program, we have had an abundance of zucchini and apple harvests during this time, enabling us to make a variety of dishes featuring each.  Zucchini noodle lasagna was a huge hit and we started to can apple sauce – our first day yielded 800oz of sauce on our shelves, ready to be used over the winter!  We have had the privilege of working with our new Preserving Our Wisdom program to can green tomato relish as well as create and serve two meals with Meals on the Ground, an organization serving nutritious food to less fortunate members of our community.

If you or someone you know would be a good match for the program, the next group runs November 21, 2016 to February 17, 2017 at which time we will be choosing 4 new enthusiastic people from the community.  Interested parties can apply with resume and cover letter to ali@cowichangreencommunity.org or call 250-748-8506 for more information. Mentorship is a huge part of the success of the program, and we are always looking for community members to engage.  If you have a special skill in the area of employment or food security and are willing to lend a few hours of your time to our program please contact us!

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