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Dancing Dandelion Farms

Dancing Dandelion Farms hosts fields of flourishing flowers and an abundance of vegetables. The 5-acre farm is the shared dream of Kailli and Zach, who have a goal of creating beautiful ecologically grown flower arrangements and a bounty of delicious food for the community.

Products Offered

In our own words...

Garlic, Vine-Ripe Tomatoes, Gorgeous Flower Bouquets, Beets, Gourmet Salad Mixes, Pea Microgreens, Culinary Herbs, Cucumbers, Herbal Tea. We can provide wholesale quantities of all of these items aside from our herbal tea at this point in time.

We also have...

We provide bulk heaping buckets full of flowers for for DIY-bride weddings.

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Basil,Beans,Beets and chard,Calendula,Carrots,Chamomile,Cilantro,Cucumbers,Dill,Edible flowers,Flowers,Garlic,Herbs,Hot peppers and sweet peppers,kale,Lavender,Mint,Onions, garlic and leeks,Plant Starts,Radishes and Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes),Rosemary,Sage,Salad greens (spinach, lettuce, etc),Strawberries,Tomatoes,Vegetables,Vegetables and Herbs,Zucchini and summer squash,

Products are available at these locations,Duncan Farmers Market,

Farm gate sales: Yes

Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10am - 3pm (Some Fridays)

Availability: No appointment necessary

CSA Available: Yes

Other Information

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