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Gill-Power Hobby Farm

Eat Local... Eat Right. Support your local farmers. Come by our farmgate and see what we have to keep you healthy and happy.

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Omega-3 eggs, rabbit meat and for breeding, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep for breeding, vegetables in season, herbs, preserves, garlic, broilers and turkeys.

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Baked Goods,Basil,Beans,Beets and chard,Black Welsh Mountain Sheep,Carrots,Chicken,Cilantro,Cucumbers,Dill,Eggs,Fennel,Garlic,Herbs,Jams and jellies,leeks,Manure,Meat, Poultry, Eggs & Fish,Mint,Onions, garlic and leeks,Parsley,Parsnip, turnip and sweet potatoes,Peas,Pickled Beets,Preserves,rabbit,Radishes and Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes),Raw Sheep's wool,Rosemary,Sage,Salsa,squash,Strawberries,Thyme,Tomatoes,Turkey,Vegetables,Vegetables and Herbs,Wool,Zucchini and summer squash,

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Farm gate sales: Yes

Hours: Daily, 8:00 am to 8:00 PM

Availability: Appointment necessary

CSA Available: No

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