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The Hofmanns

For the past four years we have been growing naturally grown basil, cilantro, greens, vegetable starters and berries on our 9.5 acre farm. Mobetta Herbs also farms on our property using similar growing methods, free of any synthetic or chemical inputs.

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Basil in wholesale quantities Cilantro Greens in wholesale quantities Arugula in wholesale quantities Berries

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Basil,Cilantro,Herbs,Parsley,Salad greens (spinach, lettuce, etc),Strawberries,

Products are available at these locations

Community Farm Store,Restaurants,

Farm gate sales: Yes

Hours: 9AM - 5pm. Call Ahead.

Availability: Appointment recommended / Call before visiting

CSA Available: No

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Individual Visits (Call ahead),Seasonal Sales,Wholesale Available,

Julia Hofmann