Cowichan Lake Community Garden – Loving the Truckloads

It’s all about trucks these days as we forge through the first stages of creating the new the Cowichan Lake Community Garden. Big trucks, small trucks, medium trucks – we’ve needed them all!  These truck loads are bringing materials into the garden space that will be the foundational beginnings of a beautiful and bountiful community garden.


Our volunteers have transported an amazing amount of materials for the garden.  Bob has been trucking cardboard over from Country Grocer as we use cardboard as the first layer under our bark chip pathways. Andy picked up two big truck loads of horse manure from Doug at Valleyview Farms and another truck load of leaves. Bev picked up a load of leaves and 2 truck loads of manure from Joanne at Notta Farm. And finally, Shane from Lakeside Dig ‘n Haul picked up several yards of horse manure/wood shavings with his huge dump truck!



So what have we been doing with all these truck loads? We have been layering manure and leaves across the barren landscape in order to start creating healthy garden soils. It is starting to look like a quilted blanket has been laid across the land. This blanket of garden nutrients will begin to transform the soils into a place where food plants will thrive.




What else can we fill our trucks with? We are already hearing from people who would like to donate plants for the shared berry and herb gardens. We will need several truck loads of plants to fill the large shared garden space. We will also need several loads of leaves and/or spoiled hay. We are looking for donations for dimensional cedar needed for garden boxes, benches, picnic tables, pergola, a tool shed and arbours. We also need garden tools such as shovels, rakes, hoses and wheelbarrows that will be kept at the garden for members to use. One of our big expenses is fencing, so we are looking for help to purchase fencing materials.

IMG_5607However, most of all, this project needs people, especially for the months of February and March. The more people the merrier, so please spread the word. We will be working very hard for those two months, so please contact us if you think you are able to help during that time. We will need people who are new or old to gardening, people who like carpentry and building, people who have experience with fencing, people who have trucks, people who like having some fun and whistling while they work. You don’t necessarily need to be super fit; it’s all about team work and creating an amazing garden together.


If you’d like to get involved please contact Erin at 250-748-8506 or

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