Glenora Farm

Pierre Goulet


These days, the term farm no longer just describes the red barn, the row crops and the animals out to pasture. While many farms still embody these more traditional pastoral scenes, many groups are combining agriculture with a larger social purpose to create a whole new kind of growing environment.

When it comes to combining raising food and caring for others, Glenora Farm is no exception. Down an unassuming gravel road in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, this unique non-profit organic farm, is also a craft and life-skill community offering adults with disabilities and their care-givers support. This is accomplished by providing learning opportunities and extended family housing where participants can work and live together in a compassionate setting.

Besides growing and selling a variety of customary veggies for sale at the farm, the Duncan Farmers’ Market, and the Glenora Corners Store, Glenora Farm also sells and showcases weaving, hand-made jewellery and other arts and crafts made by residents. The farm also hosts multiple workshops and day-programs for their clients, where skills, a sense of accomplishment, purpose and dignity are developed.

“Glenora Farm is a part of an international network of Camphill communities,” explains Pierre Goulet, Executive Director at Glenora Farm. The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change with over a hundred affiliates worldwide. The movement seeks to enhance the lives of people in need of services and supports for daily living by building intentional “life-sharing” communities where the focus is to uphold the spiritual integrity of every human being involved. “We intend to espouse the ideals of Camphill in which each contributes what he or she is able to, and receives, in turn, what he or she needs,” adds Goulet.

On August 28th, Glenora Farm Community opens its doors to the public by hosting their big Summer Fair featuring live music and special entertainers, including the acclaimed award-winning ‘Glenora Farm Handbell Ensemble’, children’s activities, dancing, farm tours, weaving and lapidary, workshops and demonstrations, home cooking and baking, art and craft stalls, auctions and a raffle. “It will be a good time to get together for fun and play and a great opportunity for all of you to meet our Community,” says Goulet. Join the fun and festivities at 4766 Waters Road, Duncan. For more info call Pierre at 250-715-1664.