Windhorse Farm

Tim and Laurice Mock


The 14 acres of lush green fields which surround Windhorse Farm in Glenora are the result of 6 years of hard work,
restoring an ecosystem, and developing a food source for a herd of Red Angus cattle. Tim and Laurice Mock are the farmers who steward this land and raise the only certified organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef on southern Vancouver Island.

Community-minded, longtime Cowichan Valley residents, Tim and Laurice Mock, have been involved in the farming community since the early 80’s as original subscribers to the Altemueller Farm’s CSA.

Former vegetarians, the Mocks raise their herd ethically, with love and care, and long hours. When walking through the barnyard, you get a sense the herd is part of the family – “..hello Sophie… hello Tucker…” Two new moms lounge
in a large penned area with newborn calves, quickly adapting to their new surroundings. The herd is treated homeopathically so there is no concern about hormones or antibiotics. Laurice has studied homeopathy for the past 6 years and in turn is sharing this knowledge with the SPCA as well as some trusted vets who are are most respectful and supportive when they choose to use homeopathics, and in turn Tim and Laurice welcome allopathic medicine when needed. “We’re changing the way herd care has traditionally been managed, and it’s only pennies to treat the herd this way,” states Tim.

GMO? Not an issue as the herd is never fed grain. The Mocks use a practice called managed intensive grazing (MiG), about 5,000 square feet per day is gazed, which benefits the cattle as well as the soil. The herd grazes on a diet of cool season grasses including hairy vetch, red clover, and white clover. The soil is managed almost as intensely as the herd itself. Tim brews his own compost tea, applies tonnes of compost to the fields each season, as well as various soil innoculants – all which help to build and sustain the soil biology and health.

Their venture into beef farming has been an educational experience. “We never planned on doing this!” exclaimed Laurice. But they are now completely devoted to their trade, and have an equally devoted following, providing their customers with what many will claim is the best beef they’ve ever tasted.

You can read more about the farm, the herd, their practices, how to purchase this very healthy beef, and the dedicated team behind it all at: