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The Resiliency Project is a community-based rewilding effort. Our vision is to plant native meadows throughout our community, in shared green spaces, parks, boulevards, and front yards. Native pollinators are essential to support the health of the ecosystem, and vibrant local food systems. Native plants are so vital in supporting pollinators, and all of the other insects that create the foundation of the whole food web, feeding birds, and so many other creatures that we share these lands with.

One of the things we are focused on is creating a native plant seed bank, which is located at the Garden Education Centre, at 2431 Beverly Street. This seed bank is accessible to any community member who is working to re-wild an area of their yard, and we are continuing to expand this aspect of the project, and support school groups, community organizations, and individual residents. We also engage with the community through ongoing workshops and community work-bees, where folks have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with meadow-making. We are actively working with community partners in this meadow-making work, including the Cowichan Valley Naturalists, Somenos Marsh Society, Cowichan Nature Estuary Centre, and the City of Duncan. We are so grateful for the amazing group of committed volunteers who support this project.

To sign up for the Resiliency Project mailing list, or to learn more about the project and get involved, please email hannahsophia@cowichangreencommunity.org.