Agricultural Equipment Library

In 2018 Cowichan Green Community received funding through the Municipality of North Cowichan to begin and Agricultural Equipment Library. We are pleased to bring you the following equipment available for rent! Rental rates are a day rate.

Equipment Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
Vacuum Sealer $20 $25 $100 $125
BCS Walk-Behind Tractor $40 $60 $200 $300
Rotary Plow, Flail Mower, or Rototiller Attachment $25 $45 $125 $225
Pressure Washer $30 $45 $150 $225
Earthway Seeder $20 $30 $100 $150

A $30.00 deposit for cleaning is required upon rental.*Rental of BCS Walk Behind Tractor and or implements includes rental of pressure washer, equipment must be properly cleaned and sanitized on site before being returned.

For rental inquiries please contact or call the office at 250-748-8506. 48 hour notice required on all rentals.


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