Back to Nature!

Spring has come, and it is more than apparent on the land around The Station as we experience the first good surge of energy transforming the Food Forest site.  Our Executive Director, Judy, lead the groundswell of labour by learning how to haul cedar logs off the beaches, mill them into fence posts and transport them from Reid Island.  Coupled with a kind contribution from Ye Old Dogwood, a superb fence builder, Lars, and the trusty hands of our volunteers, our fence is now up and looking great! Food Forest

It couldn’t be a better time for us to feel safe and secure on the site, as we prepare to roll into place over two dozen horizontal logs.  Being a food forest, we have taken the insight from bio-engineer Dave Pollster, and learned how to use fallen or left timber to terrace a slope. As a group of forest lovers, it did seem a bit odd that a trip to a clear cut would bring us such joy, but one good day with trusty arborist Todd Gesshe and a plan to find use from an often disappointing venue, we came home with some great supplies – keeping us well on track for this back to nature project.

As the venture unfolds, we keep finding ourselves grateful for the many eyes, voices and hands that see, talk about, and work on this project. Which is why when Cycle Therapy moved into the building this March, we were sure to spend some key hours removing invasive species, old beer bottles, and the other artifacts from the garden plots out front. With the help of four dedicated VIU students and Christine Pollard, the space                  The Food Forest Team cleaned up beautifully, setting the stage to inspire our design.

Food Forest Carrying LogsMarch has surely been a month of creative design.  Thanks to Javan Bernakevitch – one of our consultants – who lead us in a full day of site exploration, and thanks to a wonderful turn out of neighbours and board members to our first open house. , We are on the precipice of summiting our design to the city and launching into a busy April of installing pathways, amending soil and planting!

Which is why we now ask that donations of shade tolerant native plants or edible perennials that grow well in our terrain and could be divided or spared, be dropped off at The Station Monday to Friday. And as always, we welcome your support every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 for Work Party Wednesdays – it is getting sunny and the fun stuff is starting to happen!

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