All hands on deck!

There’s excitement in the air around the food forest as we make our last good effort installing trees, understory and art in anticipation of our June 28th opening.

It’s quite a delight to connect with local nurseries, including the wonderful Many Hands Farm – to pick species and transplant them into the soil of the site. Our bellies have been dreaming up wonderful recipes for the first fruits of this Food Forest too. The most recent favourite is a lavender avocado loaf shared with us from our lovely staff member Lindsay Scribner. Keep your eyes out for the launch of our Food Forest handbook which will feature many other great recipes, and tips on growing a Food Forest of your own.
CGC Community Urban Food Forest UpdateCGC Community Urban Food Forest

Did you know that the young leaves of hostas are edible! We enjoy them so much we planted them along the garden bed by the Duncan Garage.

We’ve been so fortunate for such great volunteers, and are looking forward to our June 7th weekend work party. From 9am to 1pm, it will be a wonderful time to come and plant more species, mulch the soil, and finish weeding. Arrive with your favorite tools (shovel, fork, weeding device) and stay for pizza lunch!  If you are interested in coming please RSVP to

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