Calling on Seed Savers to Share your Seed Stories

A new initiative of the Cowichan Green Community, the “Sharing Our Seed Stories” project will document the historical seed saving practices of the Cowichan Region and share this knowledge with the greater community.

hands cleaning bean seedFunded through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) under Service Canada, this community based project will engage seniors and elders who have specific knowledge of saving local and heritage seed. Acting as mentors to other seniors, community members, and youth interested in seed saving, this project will produce a series of digital stories that chronicles these anecdotes of seed saving in the Cowichan Region.

This September, as we wait for the seed crops to mature, our staff will be busy organizing the project interviews. With the goal of producing ten digital stories, we are still seeking local seniors and elders who wish to participate by sharing their stories and practices, as well as young gardeners and farmers who wish to learn from this invaluable resource.

In theme with this project, our “Seed” recipe for the month of September is roasted squash seeds. A healthier seasonal snack food, you can roast the seeds of a variety of squashes including pumpkin, spaghetti, and butternut. Whether seasoned with salt and olive oil, wasabi (for the adventurous), or honey and spice, there are countless ways to transform these seeds into edible treats. For a simple crowd pleasing recipe, check out the “OhSheGlows” food blog. Roasted squash seeds can be eaten fresh from the oven, or saved for salads, soups (a substitute for croutons in a squash soup), or garnishes.

If you have a passion for seed saving, whether it’s in your backyard, school, community garden, or farm, we’d love to hear your seed stories. To participate, or for more information, please contact Vanessa at 250-748-8506 or

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