CGC Hearts the Garden Pantry Thrift Store

For the love of local food and supporting those who grow it, CGC has a special place in its heart for the Garden Pantry Thrift Store.

Garden Pantry sign sm

It’s hard to find a one stop shop where you can pick up gently used gardening tools, search for the perfect sized canning jars, select your seeds to start your garden and sign up for the next tree pruning workshop. Not to mention, the store also plays the role of a community resource centre and CGC’s office reception.

The real heart of the store comes from an amazing group of volunteers, and you. Each day we see a variety of visitors that include inquiring potential gardeners or new farmers to experienced or retiring growers. Jacquie, Sandy, Susan, Suzanne, Rachael, Paul, and many other volunteers will help find what you need or accept your donation, while also helping to make a community connection that fosters what is great about living in the Cowichan Valley.friendship soup cropped

Over the next year, we look forward to the continued evolution of the store with the addition of more value added products from our KinPark Youth Urban Farm, FruitSave program, and CGC volunteers and staff.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to make a contribution, please come by! Where else can you get Friendship Soup?


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