A Shout out to Serious Coffee

You never know what you’ll find in our Garden Pantry Thrift Store; but the one constant has been our burlap sacks! We are super grateful to Serious Coffee who not only donates the burlap to us but they’re also quick to send people our way when they receive calls to purchase them.

burlap july 2015

So what can you do with burlap in the garden? It’s great material to use as sheet mulch, especially during these hot, water restriction months. You can also use them as growing containers for many plants such as potatoes, herbs, and even mushrooms.

Other uses include lying them down in your pathways, using them as shade in the back yard patio, or protecting your plants during the colder weather.

And that’s just in the garden! There are many ways to use them for decorating or making other products such as reusable shopping bags, table cloths, recovering pillows, or even furniture! Click here for more ideas and have fun!

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